Who We Are

Welcoming all the children and youth up to 12th grade who want to praise God with music, The New Praise Youth Festival celebrates its 12th Anniversary in 2012. We recognize these children and youth who want to give their best effort and dedicate their beautiful music to God by giving them different prizes. However, we believe that God graciously gives eternal and incomparable prizes to those who praise and love Him, which the Festival truly wishes to emphasize, catalyze, and celebrate.

This now-international event began in South Korea in 2001. With God's amazing grace, it began to be held in the United States in 2004, and then in China in 2007. Now it is taking place annually in about ten big cities in three countries, and more cities will be added to them soon.

We, INPSS, International New Praise Support Society, are a group of Spirit-driven Christians composed of church members with diverse denominational background like Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist. We supervise this international annual event in cooperation with local churches, while supporting various kind of praise ministry like donation of praise music score & CDs to all over the world. We have our headquarter in Seoul, Korea, three Chinese branches in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, and one American branch in Louisville, KY.


 Headquarter (Seoul, Korea)

Dr. Cheol-Ho Paik, President paik@sai.co.kr

Elder Young-Jin Park, Secretary p6491@hanmail.net

Deacon Phil-Kyu Choi, Secretary dyno99@paran.com

Advisory Council

Rev. Dr. Johann Kim, Founder of INPSS, church Music Composer kimpraise@gmail.com

Elder Habok Moon, former president of Chinese branch hohohoka@hanmail.net


 Chinese Branches



Guangzhou (Dongguan)

(The names of Chinese board are not disclosed for security reason)


American Branch

Dr. Johann Kim

Douglas Bates

Chandler Bainter

Mickie Bainter

Wally Jeffries

Betty Jeffries

Eunsil Yun, Cordinator in Louisville eunsilpiano1009@hotmail.com


The Founder Dr. Johann Kim

Kim studied to be a dentist, but God called him to be church music composer. And obeying this divine calling, he studied composition in Europe and taught music at various institutions including the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary for years where he earned his doctoral degree. In order to be theologically prepared for this crucial task, Kim completed M. Div. in worship, became ordained worship pastor, and now serves Vine Street Baptist Church in Louisville since 2006. His works have been multiple times recognized with some prominent composition prizes:

1989  Alban Berg Foundation Prize (Austria)
1990  Prize for the international string quartet competition by Austro Mechana for the celebration of the 200th anniversary of Mozart's death (Austria)
1992  Accomplishment prize from Wiener Musikhochschule (Austria)
1992  Work Stipend for composer (Arbeitsstipendium) from the City of Vienna (Austria)
1998  Composition commission by the National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts (South Korea)
1999  Composition commission by pianist Soo R. Kim who eventually premiered it (South Korea)
2000  Composition commission by pianist Prof. Jung Won Koh who eventually premiered it (South Korea)
2008  Honors Award for composition from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (USA)

He composed many hymn arrangements and published many music scores especially for children and youth all around the world, so that they could praise God with diverse repertoire. Experiencing spirituality and artistry in his works, those who practice them gradually learn of the gospel truth as well as the beauty of God. For him, praise music is like the temple of God, for the Bible says that God dwells in the praises of Israel (Ps 22:3). And he is sure that God who dwells in the praises of children and youth will touch their soul and bless them. Since 2001 he has supervised the hymn festival in Korea, and served as a judge for the event in the USA from 2005 and in China from 2007.

Kim's hymn variations were often used as mandatory pieces because of its spiritual, artistic, and educational value; if not, many children and Christian musicians play his works all over the world. Hundreds of performance videos of his works are available on Youtube, and you can access them by simply searching his name on the website, or directly to http://www.youtube.com/kimpraise. Many of his sacred works have been published by the support of NPSS and available at the new praise bookstore.

Vision 60/ 120/ 2020

At the beginning of 2012 Dr. Kim was given a vision while praying that God wants INPSS to hold the praise festival in sixty cities in the world by 2020. Though it seems impossible, if it honors and pleases God, he will surely perform a miracle - even sixty times a miracle! Just imagine how moving it would be to watch someday Egyptian children and Indian children praising God with piano and violin at the winners' recital!

We are certain that it will come true; and for this divine goal, God wants you to pray! Our vision also includes 120 churches around the world to be actively involved in this ministry by 2020, for we believe that local churches should be the ultimate supervisor of local events.

If you know godly Christian music teachers in cities where you want to see this event happening, just let us contact them and share this vision with them. Who knows, if they could be the founder of the praise festival there?