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VISION 60/ 2020 Table



Center Church

Brother Church

Note (Presentation)


No. 1  Louisville
Louisville, KY in the USA
March 31, April 7, 14

This year INPSS is celebrating the 12th Anniversary for the New Praise Festival which welcomes all the children and youth up to 12th grade who want to praise God with music! Though many music major students also participate in this event, you don't need to be music major, for God accepts all as we are. Nevertheless we want to give God our best, don't we? Therefore, we want to give various prizes according to how beautiful your music is, how hard you practiced. But God will also give you secret prize according to how earnest you prayed for it and how much you love Jesus.

What you should prepare: preferably hymn arrangement in classical music style
How many: one or two pieces (if one piece is longer than 5 min., that's enough!)
What category: virtually any instrument like piano, string, wind, brass, solo, instrument ensemble up to ten players, or voice solo, choir goes!

Prize: Grand prize
(Invitation to perform at the winner's recital in one of those cities where this event happens like Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou: Half of air ticket price for one person will be sponsored by INPSS or sponsoring church, only when you go there and perform, and ride and three nights of home stay up to three people will be also provided. There were times when no grand prize was given in China, also there were times when two grand prizes were given in Korea. So whether grand prize would be given or not depends on how musically and spiritually amazing your praise music is. Also it is to remember that this competition is not just music competition, but praise music competition, so there are many other factors affecting the decision of the judge. All the participants are to believe that the most glorious prize is given by God who knows everyone's heart.)

           Gold prize
(Invitation to perform at the winner's recital in one of those cities where this event happens like Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou: Air ticket at your own expense, but ride and three nights of home stay up to three people will be provided.)

Silver prize (certificate)
           Bronze prize (certificate)
           Honorable mention (certificate)
Special Prize:
           The Oldham County Schools Art Center Prize 
(two participants will be given full scholarship for its summer arts programming 2012)

Application due: March 24, 2012
Application fee: 35 dollars for each participant
(If duet, fee is 70 dollars. But in case someone just accompanies the other who is a sole participant in duet, the fee is $ 35.
          From trio, it is 100 dollars regardless of how many you are. Refugee and needy family are encouraged to send email for help regarding application fee.
          There shouldn't be any child who cannot participate, even as he/ she wanted to, because his/ her family cannot afford it.)

When: Competition on March 31. / Winners' Recital and Award Ceremony on April  7. / Second Recital on April 14.
Where: Heeren Hall of the SBTS (March 31. from 9:00 am)
           Lyndon Baptist Church in Louisville (April 7. 4:00 pm)
           Melbourne Heights Baptist Church in Louisville (April 14. 4:00 pm)


A Short History since 2001


American Branch
(coordinator Eunsil Yun, Derek Harris)

Heeren Hall at The SBTS
Lyndon Baptist Church

Melbourne Heights Baptist Church

Application form



LBC decided to be the Center Church on Feb. 1 (pastor Jim Holladay)

Presentation on Feb. 9

 Presentation at Vine Street Baptist Church on Feb. 19


 Visiting churches, spreading the words out

Please pray for the registered participants
Annaliza Cull & Levi Bainter (Low in the Grave He Lay, Tell the Good News)
Sarah Cole (What can Wash Away My Sin)
William Ross (This World is not my Home)
Malone Rachel (Brethren, We Have Met to Worship, Leaning on the Everlasting Arms)
Malone Sianna (Praise Him, Praise Him, Be Thou My Vision)
Wetherton Katherine (Thine is the Glory)
Christopher Hasty (Amazing Grace, He's Got the Whole World in His Hands)
Reece Jordan (Work, for the Night is Coming, Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee)
Ava Schmidt (What can Wash Away My Sin)
Kennan King (When I Survey the Wondrous Cross) 
Nathan Touro (When I Survey the Wondrous Cross)
Gianni Minor & Tyece Shelton (What a Fellowship)
Brogan Peterson (Amazing Grace)
Alexander Jones (When the Saints Go Marching In, Ode to Joy)
Jeremy Gillies (Faith of Our Fathers, Ode to Joy)
Jack Kebbel (He Leadeth Me, This is My Father's World)
Sarah Choi (Give Thanks, Into My Heart)
John Newton (We Three Kings, How Great Thou Art)
Preston Clark (Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee)
Hsar Eh Moo (What can Wash Away My Sin)
Winnie Seo (This is My Father's World)
Uria Park (For the Beauty of the Earth)
Jason Conklin (I've Got Peace like a River, When Peace like a River Attendeth My Way)
Emily Rush (Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus)
Yizhen Quan (Now to the King of Heav'n)
Lindsey Gilbert (This is My Father's World)
Catherine Allen (Amazing Grace)
Courtney Landrum (What can Wash Away My Sin)

The Competition Result

 Presentation at Ferncreek Baptist Church (March 5)
Academy of Preachers decided to cooperate with us. (March 6)



The first prayer meeting for parents,  teachers, and pastors (2:00 pm)





 Presentation at the business meeting




 Last Minute Check Meeting with Prayer






  Competition at Heeren Hall at the SBTS
The Competition Result










 Recital (4:00 pm) &
fellowship with light meal




Youtube link to: 
Presentation & Testimony
(Dr. Johann Kim)
at New Hope Missionary Baptist Church in Radcliff,



Presentation & Testimony
(Dr. Johann Kim)
at New Hope Missionary Baptist Church in Radcliff, KY




   Recital (4:00 pm) &
fellowship with light meal



Celebration Party & Evaluation Meeting for coworkers





 Celebration Party & Evaluation Meeting for coworkers





 Introduction video recording

 Introduction by pastor Jim Holladay
Tutorial by pastor Derrek Harris




No. 2  Seoul
Seoul, Korea
August 25, September 9 


 Headquater in Korea
Secretary Young-Jin Park, Pil-Kyu Choi






Win Art Hall (9:00 AM)





Seoul Memorial Baptist Church (3:00 PM)





Seoul Holy Mountain Church (3:30 PM)
서울 성산교회


Live Recording Youtube Link


NPSS NPO Fundation




 Oct 4

 NPSS Conference





No. 3  Guangdong province
Guangdong province, China (
Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shenchen)
September 23


 Coordinator Deacon
C. N. Lee

 This is My Father's World
Thine is the Glory
Jesus Shed His Blood for Me


Event in Korean church

 25 AM

 PTA Meeting

 Talk, Talk, Talk



 25 PM

 Master Class





No. 4  Beijing
Beijing, China

September 23



Grand prize: Jooann Kim (violin)
Gold prize: Soochan Kim (piano), Jujin Ha & Yunyoung O (flute duet)
Silver prize: Yena Kim, Yunjin Lee, Bisang Jung, Hayeo Lee, Chanyoung Kim,
Yehyun Kang, Hanna Cho








Preparatory Session
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (
Nova Iguaçu)
October 26-29


Edimilson & Alice
Pastor Carlos
Caroline Kifer

 New Praise Conference at
Igreja Assembleia de Deus em Nova Iguaçu
Address : Avenida Getúlio de Moura , 928
Centro, Nova Iguaçu, Rio de Janeiro
CEP (ZIP code) 26221-040
Telephone Number : 2667-3074


João Nunes dos Santos



Session I "Why Children's Praise Ministry?"


English & Portuguese



Session II "Theology of Praise"
Session I (second part)


 English & Portuguese



 Session III "Why Artistic Worldview?"
Sermon "Let All People Praise You" (Ps 67:3)


 English & Portuguese



Brazil Military Band Presentation
Radio Live Interview


 English & Portuguese


 Brazil mission trip report with lots of photos
(Korean version)



 Summarized Video
(one hour)

 Nov. 1

Board Meeting &
 Prayer Meeting
in Seoul, Korea



 Official Brazil coordinators appointed, Amount of scholarship for Brazil


 Piano Praise in the Rainbow (Pianobook for the very beginner) given to all as Free downloadable PDF files





No. 5  Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Nova Iguaçu)
May 3, 4, 11



Brazil NPSS Webpage

Report of the Festival
(English & Portuguese)


 July 4-6


 National Praise Seminar in Madureira



 July 7


The presentation of the winners in Brazil



July 12-14


Prayer Seminar





Interview video




No. 6  Melbourne
Melbourne, FL, USA

July 20, 21

July 20

 Jenifer Wills, coordinator

The First New Praise Festival in Melbourne
in Haven City Baptist Church



 July 21


Master class




No. 2 City, Seoul, Korea
July 27, August 4, 11 

 July 27

Competition at
Win Art Hall

Gold prize
Seo Jin Lee (4th grade/ violin)
Seong Yeun Bae (11th grade/ piano) also Amotech Scholarship recipient
Silver prize
Ji Won Bang (9th grade/ violin)
Young Eun Lee (5th gr/ flute)
Bronze prize
Ye Ji Hwang (5th gr/ piano)
Hee Chang Yang (9th g/ clarinet) also Amotech Scholarship recipient
Hye Jin Woo, Yun Seo Lee, Soo In Kim (Cello Trio) 


Aug 4


 Chang Won Bethel Church



 Aug 11



JookJeon True Love Church

 Video (Bae)
Video (Lee)

 Aug 18


Special music by Seong Yeun Bae (Uyjeongboo Kwangmyung church)



No. 3 City Group, Guangdong province, China
Guangzhou, Dongguan, Simcheon
September 21

Sept 21


  Grand prize
Ye-Eun Kim (violin)

 Video report on four Southern cities of China












No. 7
Chengdu, China
September 28

 Sept 28

 at least 33 participants

Grand prize
 So-Jung Park, flute

 Video report on four Southern cities of China






 Oct 15-18

4/14  Bangkok Global Summit
video report (with northern China)


No. 8
Yantai, China
October 19

Oct 19

Sun Yeon Kwon

  This year no grand prize winner was selected.

 Video report on Bangkok, northern China












No. 4 City, Beijing, China
October 26

Oct 26

Sangbum Woo

  This year no grand prize winner was selected.

 Video report on Bangkok, northern China












No. 9
Shanghai, China
November 2

 November 2

 HyungJoon Park














No. 10
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
December 7

 Dec 7

Korean coordinator
Hyun Joo Jeong

Cambodian coordinator
 Hem Chhaya

 Special Prize for Under Twelve
1. Him Chanphissara (4) – God Is So Good/I’ve Got Peace like a River arr. by M. Choi
11. Ye Eun Park (5) with Grace Cho – Jesus Loves Me This I Know*/What Can Wash Away My Sin*
31. Tin Whistle: Zachary Asher Lee (11) – Be Thou My Vision/The First Noel
32. Flute: Kot Nophea (12) – Seek Ye First/When I Look into Your Holiness
39. Violin: Hye-Yoon Kim (9) – A. Vivaldi, Concerto in g minor/Amazing Grace*
Bronze Prize Given by NPSS China for Cambodian Students
7. Chhun Seing (10) – Latin Folk, La Raspa/Silent Night, Holy Night*
10. Andy Dosan (10) –
I’d rather Have Jesus*/Thine Is the Glory*
37. Clarinet Quartet (13-22): Eunchan Noh, Hahun Choi, Chhit Song, Meng Sreymen
 A. Vivaldi, “Spring” from Le Quattro Stagioni, arr. by A. Isozaki/Three Hymns (Jesus, Lover of My Soul, For the Beauty of the Earth, Now Thank We All Our God) arr. by Doug Hostetler
46. Solo Voice: Meas Vannada (18) – Who Am I? /The Way the Lord Walked (Khmer)
50. Hebron Children’s Choir (8-15):
Keo Sopheak, Lim Bunheng, Lim Bunchay, Chuon Rdy, Vantha Rady, Vatana, Sophea Drawin, Vichea, Porn Srey Much, Yem Srey Much, Am Rabaka, Verak Sokim, Va Vanchandararith, Yem Kim Long, Pou Lida, Sang So Niron – Do Re Mi Song/Cambodia for Christ – Conductor, Sugyung Kang
Bronze Prize Given by ICA
9. Hangsoth Rithychey (10) – M. Clementi, Sontina Op. 36 No.1 Allegro/O Steal Away Softy to Jesus*
24. Ye Eun Lee (16) – Amazing Grace*/Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee*
25. Yerim Kim (16) –
W. A. Mozart, Sonata K. 283, 1st mov. /Take My Life, and Let It Be*
28. Moses Lee (18) – How Deep the Father’s Love arr. by Carlton Forrester/Hail to the Brightness of Zion’s Glad Morning*
38. Guitar: David Pora (14) –
Green Sleeves (traditional)/As the Deer
Bronze Prize Given by Korean Churches in Cambodia
2. Sao Roth Sokhe Thida (8) – from Symphony No. 40 by W. A. Mozart/Silent Night, Holy Night*
45. Solo Voice: Koy Vorn (16) – O Holy Night/Toward the River of Grace of the Lord (Khmer)
51. Tram Kna Hope Choir (10-23): Meas Vannada, Reak Smey, Chantha, Hong Meth, Phon Somali, Hom Srey Mach, Yen Kimmeng, Yun Saban, Choeun Chankakda, Srey Leab, Eom Kom, Choeun Chan Kresna        – I /Jesus Loves Me, This I Know – Conductor, Sugyung Kang
Silver Prize
44. Solo Voice: Davuth Pora (11) – Agnus Dei/Jesus Loves Me
Gold Prize
21. Ju Eun Choi (15) – J. S. Bach, W. T. C. 2/15 Prelude/Under His Wings I Am Safely Abiding*
Paik Kumsun Prize (Gold Prize for the Best Cambodian Piano Students)
16. Chuon Sosunny (13) – F. Kuhlau, Sonatine Allegro part 1/All to Jesus I Surrender*
20. Touch Rak Smey (15) –
L. v. Beethoven Sonata No. 14, 3rd mov. /Under His Wings I Am Safely Abiding*
Amotech Scholarship for Grand Prize Winner
52. Bright Voice Church Choir (14-23): Chhit Theary, Poch Bunthean, Poch BunThim, Mao Chantrea, Minh Kanha, Srun Pich, Pich Phanith, Sum Bun Thorn, Dy Rsmey, Vanavana Roth, Thorn Sovannara, Chom Kana, Lun Meng, Kha Srey Prek, Phen Kun Thea, Ang KunThy, Mao Malis, Bun BoroMey, Pheak Marany, San Saren, Lun La, Uth Sophanny, Pich Srey Phea
 – Standing on the Promises of Christ My King/Praise His Holy Name – Conductor, Yuna Park
Best Teacher Award: Hang Rithyravuth

(pieces marked with * are arranged by M. W. Kim)

Official Website
(also for free downloadable praise music scores)

Video Report
(totally more than 3 hours)
Part I
Part II
Part III

 Dec 13


The first winners' recital at 
ICA (International Christian Assembly)



 Dec 15



 The second winners' recital at
Phnom Penh Korean First Church


 Dec 21

 Meeting for
Thanksgiving & Evaluation







Seoul, Korea
Amo New Year's Praise Festival
Feb. 7







Matheus' special praise song


 의정부 광명교회 (Kwang Myung Church)

 praise video


Tokyo, Yokohama, Japan
New Praise Recital in Johan Church
February 16



How Great Thou Art for piano solo
We Plough the Fields (concertino for violin and piano)
Give Thanks for cello
Crown Him with Many Crowns for piano
This is My Father's World for violin
Thank God












Feb.17, 23

No. 11
New York, New Jersey, USA
February 17



 Voice 2nd Place / Sarah Lee Elementary Division I (Grade 1-3)
Voice 2nd Place / Ye Rim Lee Elementary Division II (Grade 4-6)
Voice 1st Place / Hyunwoo Oh Elementary Division II (Grade 4-6)
Voice 3rd Place / Chloe Lee Junior Division (Grade 7-9)
Voice 1st Place / Lauren Song High School Division (Grade 10-12)
Voice 3rd Place / Evelyn Park High School Division (Grade 10-12)
Flute 2nd Place / Yoona Kim Elementary Division II (Grade 4-6)
Flute 1st Place / Grace Kim Junior Division (Grade 7-9)
Flute 2nd Place / Chloe Lee Junior Division (Grade 7-9)
Flute 3rd Place / Jisoo Choe Junior Division (Grade 7-9)
Flute 2nd Place / Rebecca Kim High School Division (Grade 10-12)
Clarinet 3rd Place / Daniel Lee Elementary Division II (Grade 4-6)
Violin 2nd Place / Sharon Cho High School Division (Grade 10-12)
Violin 1st Place / Audrey Cha Elementary Division II (Grade 4-6)
Violin 2nd Place / Philip Hahm Elementary Division II (Grade 4-6)
Violin 1st Place / Joshua Song Elementary Division I (Grade 1-3)
Violin 2nd Place / Esther Park Elementary Division I (Grade 1-3)
Cello Duet 3rd place / Jonathan Han
Cello Duet 3rd place / Isabel Han
Cello 1st Place / Caleb Suh Preschool/Kindergarten Division
Cello 1st Place / Dawn Song Junior Division (Grade 7-9)
Cello 2nd Place / Rahee Shin Junior Division (Grade 7-9)
Piano 1st Place / Olivia Lee Preschool/Kindergarten Division
Piano 1st Place / Sarah Lee Elementary Division I (Grade 1-3)
Piano 2nd Place / Amy Woo Elementary Division I (Grade 1-3)
Piano 1st Place / Clare Lim Elementary Division II (Grade 4-6)
Piano 2nd Place / Elliott Seo Elementary Division II (Grade 4-6)
Piano 3rd Place / Erin Park Elementary Division II (Grade 4-6)
Piano 1st Place / Isabel Han Junior Division (Grade 7-9)
Piano 2nd Place / Andrew Kim Junior Division (Grade 7-9)
Piano 1st Place / Janice Shim High School Division (Grade 10-12)
Piano Four hands 2nd Place / Elliott Seo Elementary Division II (Grade 4-6)
Piano Four hands 2nd Place / Claire Lim Elementary Division II (Grade 4-6)

Grand prize / Esther Song

praise video







No. 1 Louisville, KY in the USA



























































































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