2012 New Praise Youth Festival in Louisville

Recital at Melbourne Heights Baptist Church on April 14
(Click photos to listen to sermon or music)

(Ps 148, Sermon by Pastor Adam Schell)

(I've Got Peace like a River / Jason Conklin / Honorable Mention)

(Amazing Grace / Geneva R. Jeanty & Catherine Allen / Honorable Mention)

(What Can Wash Away My Sin / Hsar Eh Moo / Silver)

(What Can Wash Away My Sin / Sarah Cole / Honorable Mention)

(Low in the Grave He Lay & Tell the Good News / Annaliza & L. Bainter / Bronze)

(Thine is the Glory / Katherine Wetherton / Bronze)

(This World is not My Home / William Ross / Silver)

(When I Survey the Wondrous Cross / Jay Alexander Jenkins)

(Amazing Grace, He's Got the Whole World in his Hands / Christopher Hasty)

(What a Fellowship / Gianni Minor & Tyece Shelton / Bronze)

(Ode to Joy, Faith of Our Fathers / Jeremy Gillies / Bronze)

(For the Beauty of the Earth / Uria Park / Bronze)

(This is My Father's World / Winnie Seo / Honorable Mention)

(Amazing Grace / Christian Babin)

(When I Survey the Wondrous Cross / Geneva R. Jeanty)

(Give Thanks, Into My Heart / Sarah Choi / Silver)

(Beautiful, Beautiful / Taylor Marksbury)

(This is My Father's World / Lindsay Gilbert)

(When I Look into Your Holiness / Louisville International Christian Women's Choir)

(Greetings / Dr. Johann Kim)

(Award Ceremony)

(Out of the Mouth of Children and Infants)

(Prayer & Blessings)


See you soon, at Lyndon Baptist Church!