4/14 New Praise Conference in Rio, Brazil 2012

My dear friend Luis!

What word could be fitting to express my heart now? Even the most eloquent speaker would fail.

I thank you for introducing me to Pastor Nunes and Igreja Assembleia de Deus who treated me like their family and angel from heaven. They provided everything I needed, gave me opportunity to give sermon at the 25th anniversary of the famous Youth Festival which I don't deserve, and even many more things with that! Most of all I thank God for his amazing guidance and blessings I received in Brazil.


On Oct. 26 I arrived in Rio, picked up by pastor Carlos who is in charge of children's ministry and Caroline who is a smart translator, and took lunch with Pastor Nunes and her wife who were very friendly. Thereafter we went to see the rehearsal of 4/14 orchestra at the old church building where I was so blessed and moved to see children praising God with various instruments and the devout staff members who serve their kids with joy and love! It was even more surprising to know that children are given such opportunity for free and the history of the orchestra is only about two years!


(at the center: Pastor Nunes, senior pastor of Assembleia de Deus)


Thankfully the conductor Alice and her husband, also conductor were very interested in hosting 4/14 New Praise Festival in Nova Iguaçu, for they saw clearly the necessity of this kind of ministry for their kids and kids in Rio area. So after we discussed more on detailed matter, they decided to be coordinators for this ministry. And the board meeting in Korea yesterday decided to appoint them as such. Further they decided that if 4/14 New Praise Festival would take place in those three cities, 1000 real will be sent from Korea to each churches (maximum three cities) as scholarship for very talented but needy children. Though it's not much, we hope it be an unforgettable grace from God to the recipients.

I didn't know how much Brazilian people love taking pictures! Maybe twice as much as I do.

The snack before evening's session was extremely abundant, that it looked like supper.

The session I "Why Children's Praise Ministry?" primarily for music teachers, children's pastors, and music ministers.
(Click the photo to watch the whole session I)


On Oct. 27 I gave the second lecture on "Theology of Praise" for pastors and music related persons, after which pastor Nunes said "we need to have one more time this lecture, this time, for all the congregation." Then in the afternoon I had to start my first lecture from where I stopped, for yesterday we didn't have enough time. After that I participated in the 25th Youth Festival in the church where hundreds of youths gathered together to worship God. I didn't know the day I chose to come was the day of Youth Festival which is really a rare blessing from heaven! It took almost four hours, but we wished it continued without end. Their praise was full of enthusiasm, love to God, talent from God, and great joy, which I enjoyed also. I learned a lot through their worship service! (Click the photo below to watch the whole session II in English and Portuguese)

The second part of session I "Why Children's Praise Ministry?" (Click the photo below.)

We are now one in Jesus! I'm very proud of you all!

The 25th Youth Festival which was overwhelming in many respects. Music, spirituality, enthusiasm, joy, size... and length that is about four hours... every thing exceeded my imagination.

On Oct. 28 I gave the last lecture on "Why Artistic Worldview?" to all, especially those who sang in the choir the night before. I thanked them for their music and hard work, for I know what it takes to make a beautiful music. Right before the evening service I and new coordinators had a meeting for 4/14 New Praise Festival that will take place in Rio, São Paulo, and Brasilia, which was very fruitful. At the final worship service I gave sermon on "spiritual maturity from the perspective of prayer for others" using Ps 67, and Heb 13:15. (Click the photo below to watch the session III)

Though I couldn't cover all the stuff I prepared, we thanked God for this opportunity and took picture together.

Thereafter I took lunch with pastors there.

The second night, actually the third and last night was coming where I was supposed to give a sermon on Ps. 67 and Heb. 13:15. Before that worship service I and some music staffs had a very crucial meeting for 4/14 New Praise Festival here in March 2013.

There were many new converts who received Jesus!


My sermon started very late, but we already forgot this worldly time. (Click the photo below for watching the sermon)

After every thing was done, we share joy with each other.

The one whom I gave praise CDs, came and gave me his own CD & DVD which was awesome!

On Oct. 29, they originally had no concrete plan for me, which turned out to be perfect, for I could make the most of the day visiting the military band who presented some beautiful music just for me and later interviewing at the radio station which belongs to the church. By the way it was a live-air interview! While interviewing I let audience know how to print out some 200 hymn arrangements for various instruments for free from the website of New Praise Support Society. I should say God helped me do all these things well. Pastor Nunes and Pastor Paul and Caroline, my translator accompanied me to the airport as I returned, for which I thank them too.

(Click the photo below to watch the mini recital.)


The chaplain gave me CDs his brother, a great musician, produced. By now I almost believed that most Brazilian people have their own CD!

Live Radio Interview, the most scary thing I did in Brazil (Click for listening)

Right before my departure, at the beautiful beach in Rio

In sum I cannot express my thankfulness duly to you and to them and ultimately to God who planned everything for His glory! I uploaded my report as video file lasting one hour:




O, my friend, I have to tell you something more:

I and my wife will move to Cambodia at the end of this month, for we were appointed as professors at the Phnom Penh International Art College and El Dream Art School which are established for the purpose of mission in Cambodia. PIAC is intended for youths from affluent families in Cambodia, while El Dream AS is intended for normal people who don't afford music lesson. It was founded by a retired composition professor Chan-Hae Lee, a devout Christian woman and her husband, also

professor, and now this school is financially supported by Korean government. My wife, doctor of Christian piano music, was appointed as the dean of music college there and I was appointed as the director of study there. Our responsibility is very heavy, so I need your prayer. This will be a great opportunity for 4/14 movement in Cambodia, for El Dream AS teaches primarily children music. I hope this be a great model for 4/14 mvt. in many countries. I will be staying there until next June and will stay July and August in  USA, which is why the church in Rio is figuring out to have me for praise seminar in July next year, God's willing. Please let as many coworkers of 4/14 as possible know of this news, so that they be encouraged and be prayerful for this matter!


With this I finish my short report on my trip to Brazil.


Muito obrigado!


from Atlanta


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